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Peitho PR provides tailored services, following the communications and business objectives. Discover more about how Peitho PR can help you with your brand!

Research & Analysis

  • For every communication campaign a research is required.
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Personal Branding & Positioning

  • A company shows a lot about itself and the people behind it.
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Media Relations

  • It's important to know and develop relations with journalists on long term.
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Blogger Relations

  • Bloggers play a key role in humanizing a campaign therefore you need connections.
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B2B Marketing Communications

  • A relevant strategy helps you reach your audience, choosing the right channels and specialized key messages.
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B2C Customer Communications

  • Consumers are more active and informed and you must provide them information in real time.
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Social Media & Digital

  • Online communication is essential for every company aiming for transparency and business values.
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Internal Communications

  • Your employees endorse a brand and become brand ambassadors in and out of the company.
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Event Management

  • Your clients, partners and providers meet each other within a networking event, because business involve people for people.
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Crisis & Issues Management

  • A company's reputation is built in time, every action you do or communicate may influence people's perception, but a crisis may be an opportunity.
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Editorial Services

  • An educated society is a healthy within concepts explained and authentic stories.
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  • The company should be actively involved in the society, helping people.
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Media Coaching & Communications Training

  • Every manager should have public speaking and media competences.
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Photo & Video for PR

  • Multimedia support shows more than 1000 words, because image matters.
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